Sunday School takes place at 9:45am, between the 9:00am Praise & Worship Service and the 11:00am Worship Hour. We offer Sunday School classes for people of all ages!

Children & Youth Sunday School

  • For the youngest of the church we offer an infant crib room, then have separate Sunday School classes for 1 year olds, 2 year olds, 3 year olds, and a class for 4 & 5 year olds. These Sunday School classes are taught by the same teacher(s) each week.
  • For the students in Elementary and starting Middle School, we offer a 1st & 2nd Grade Class, a 3rd & 4th Grade Class, a 5th & 6th Grade Class.
  • Our Junior High (7th-8th) & Senior High (9th-12th) classes meet together at the beginning of the Sunday School hour for an opening message. They then divide into small Junior and Senior High groups for a time of reflection and discussion.

Adult Sunday School

  • Young Adult Class
    The Young Adult class is made up of mostly college students who range in age from 18 to 30. The group meets together on Sunday Mornings for a time of fellowship and encouragement as they study the Word of God and discuss it’s application in everyday life. The Young Adult Class has really grown close with one another as they live life together. They welcome new visitors and members as they continue to encourage one another through personal experiences. The group will occasionally meet outside of the church for dinner and holiday gatherings.
  • Joy Class
    The Joy Class is made up of mature women – although very young at heart! Co-teachers are Sandy Sprouse and Sandy Perdue. They use the LifeWay Bible Studies quarterly and encourage lots of participation. They enjoy a very close fellowship of support and encouragement. The class gets together for a breakfast, a picnic, and a Christmas party every year. The class invites you to join for a time of fellowship, discussion and study as they grow in knowledge, service and a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  • Promise Class
    The Promise Sunday School Class began in the fall of 1994. Ladies of the Promise Class enjoy in-depth Bible Study, fellowship and friendship. The current leaders are Linda Puffenbarger and Janet Rhodes. They are mothers of all ages, career workers, and grandmothers. They share the Word of God and the love of Christ as they laugh and cry, growing into Women of Faith. “Promise Pals” invite other women to join the Christian journey with them.
  • Revelation Class
    Revelation Class is a Bible study of the book of Revelation. Class participants share their thoughts and comments as this book is read and studied in depth. The class has given a better understanding of the book…clarifying the symbols as related to God’s plans for those who refuse Christ.
  • F.I.S.H.
    (Friends In Service to Him) is a small group Bible study for individuals and couples in their twenties and thirties. The focus is building relationships with each other and using those relationships to share the gospel in our community.
  • Men’s Class
    The Men’s Class hosts single and married men who generally are in the midst of life raising families, working careers & exploring their Christian faith. The group enjoys gathering on Sundays to review current world & local events with a focus on Christian Men in the same stages of life living in the contemporary world. Each week this lively discussion is followed by a relative, scripture-based lesson for life, around the table fellowship and prayer concerns. Occasionally the group will meet for social events outside the church with wives or family to build and reinforce the bonds of Christian Male fellowship.
  • Men’s Fellowship Class
    The Men’s Fellowship Class is located in the far west wing (old nursery area) of the church. Co-teachers alternate each week using the standard Sunday School quarterly as our focus of study. Scripture passages are read which are relevant to the lesson. We encourage open discussion and participation by our members and visitors. The class opens with prayer requests & prayer. Fellowship with our Lord and Savior and our Heavenly Father is obvious to all who are in attendance. We welcome visitors and men of all ages.
  • Rebekah Class
    The Rebekah class is a very diversified class. Our 16 members have a total of some 1243 years of living. That’s a lot of experience for so few. We welcome sub-seniors, seniors and super seniors. Out teacher Lynn White has any tales of her own experiences, in fact she calls our class the one preparing for the final exam. Come join us. You are always welcome.
  • Sonshine Class
    The Sonshine Class is made up of couples and singles and follows the weekly Baptist Curriculum led by Debbie Reid and Dickie Bell. Every spring this class organizes and sponsors a church wide yard sale that raises money for various church projects. They enjoy a fall picnic, a Christmas party, and a fun skit in he church wide Christmas party. If you skip the S.S. hour, you’re missing out on a wonderful part of the Sunday morning worship experience. You are invited to join them at 9:45 am each week for coffee, dessert, fellowship, and some great discussion topics on our faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Friends in Fellowship
    The Friends in Fellowship Class is made up of both couples and singles. Co-teachers are Danny Rexrode and R.M. Stone. Their curriculum varies. The class usually takes 1 or 2 bus trips each year. The group also enjoys 3-4 party gatherings during the year. Join them for a time of fellowship, discussion and study as they grow in knowledge, service and personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  • Disciples for Christ
    The Disciples for Christ uses the Life Truths curriculum, designed specifically for parents. They believe in learning and following the Word of God through Bible study, fellowship and mission work. The class is a diverse group and use their varied experiences to keep class discussion rich and lively. They value each other’s experiences and learn and build on that foundation. They serve the Lord in our community in various capacities including work at the Valley Mission and Comfort Care Women’s Health, Verona Food Pantry among others. They also meet every 2nd & 4th wed. nights in the summer, and every Wed. night during the school year for a Bible study concentrating on strengthening marriages and families. The class enjoys fellowship through “Dinner for Six” suppers, an annual chili/soup supper every fall, and an annual Christmas party.
  • Stewards
    The Stewards Class is a gregarious mix of women and men who focus on Bible studies. Members contribute from their own reading and studies, leading to informative, thoughtful and interesting class discussions. The small group atmosphere allows members to share concerns and pray for each other.