Upcoming Youth Events

Picnic Time!

The First Wednesday of the summer schedule is going to be starting off right! We will be heading over to our wonderful Music Director, Kathy Lafon' house! Where there will be food served and games played followed by a quick devotion. (I hear there is also an adorable doggo to play with!) This is going to be a great time to hang out and fellowship with friends. This will take place on May 30th and go from 5-7pm. We will meet at Kathy's home and you will be picked up from her home as well.

Hiking Trip!

Hike to crabtree falls.png

The Youth will be taking a hiking trip to Crabtree Falls. One of the largest waterfalls East of the Mississippi River!! This will be a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and have some fun with friends. We will be leaving the church at 1pm and arriving back a few hours later. The exact time will depend on how long it takes us to hike the trail and come down. Lunch will not be provided and I recommend bringing some snacks and water. We may stop and pay for their dinner depending on how long it takes us. We will be keeping you posted throughout the trip!

Water Game Night.png

Water Game Night

Join us at Memorial Baptist for a game night full of water fun! We will be playing different water games, so make sure you wear something you're not afraid to get wet. No white T-shirts! We will be meeting at the church at 5pm and going until about 7pm. I suggest bringing a towel or even a change of clothes!

Kings Dominion-1.png

Kings Dominion All Day Trip

Join us for a time at a great theme park! This will be a full day event, we will be leaving in the morning and getting back at night. The cost will be $15 but students will need to bring extra cash to buy food in the park for lunch and dinner.